Privacy Policy

This privacy policy refers to the confidentiality of the website users who decide to use it.

This directive sets out the different areas where the privacy of the users concerned and the task the user requirements, & site, and site owners. In addition to the types and ways of dealing with these sites, storing and protecting information and data described in this manual.

Web Site

This website and its owners are taking a proactive approach to maintaining the privacy of users and to ensure that steps need to be taken to protect the privacy of the user during their visit.

The use of cookies

This site uses cookies to enhance the user experience when you visit the site. If the cookie control to users of this site on their first visit to a Web site uses to allow or disallow the use of cookies on his computer/device. Measures in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation for the Web site user’s explicit consent to receive before you leave or read files such as cookies on the user’s computer/device.

Contact & communications

Users, communication with this website and/or its owner’s sole discretion and give personal information at your own risk. This website and its use is the owner of all the information to give you more information about the products/services they offer or to help answer any questions or information that you have submitted.

External links

The owner of this website does not guarantee or check the contents of the linked external pages despite all efforts. Users should be aware of so that they click on external links at your own risk, and this website and its owners shall not be liable for any damages or consequences, caused by the visit of the external links.

Ads and sponsored links

This Web site may be sponsored links and see. It is usually served our advertising partners, privacy policy directly on the event detail can have the people you serve.

Social media platform

Communication, commitment and action by external social media platform, participation in this website and its owners to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy can be customized or individual social-media platform instead.

This Web site may use social sharing buttons for sharing Web content directly from the Web page on the social media platform that is relevant. The user will be prompted before using this social share button, will be in tact and social media platform to track and document your request to a Web page or can share about account social media platform

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